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From generation to generation

Ask any person about the food they love and the chances are they'll tell you a story. Maybe it's to do with someone they met, a sunny day out as a child, eating slightly warm sandwiches out of greaseproof paper on the beach or, even the first time they tasted something that seemed to make their taste buds tingle.

The story of our favourite dishes becomes part of the fabric of families but it isn't often that a whole history can be told by food and meals, prepared together and eaten together - and then passed down, generation to generation.

This book is about a small but significant community: the Bukharian community, and one woman who was instrumental in keeping alive those traditions - Miriam Abramoff. The Bukharian community straddled several continents, including central Asia. A community that was established in the 17th century yet, despite all odds continues to thrive, to this day.

This book is a little about that community and a lot about the food that, at times, is as rich as its history. Coloured by tradition, journeys, poverty, pogroms, prosperity and persecution, this is the food of life. Food that, generations later, found its way onto Miriam's grandparents and parents' tables and is, in turn, finding its way onto Miriam's children's and grandchildren's tables. 

But while there is no doubt the whole essence of what you're about to experience is steeped in tradition, most importantly this is a book about the joy of food, the joy of families - and, of course, the joy of eating.

You'll find food for every taste and every occasion - and even for the fun. What is truly wonderful about Bukharian food is that it's easy to make - and sociable. Every meal is an occasion. What we hope is that you'll cook the recipes and relish the food and stories that go with them - personal as well as historical - and serve them around your family table so you can create your own stories; from your generation to generation.